April 2-4, 2023

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston, MA


Diversity Keynote – Cultural Fluency: The New Competency for Recruiting the 21st Century Workforce

Sunday, April 03, 2022
Center Stage

If the restaurant, foodservice, and lodging industry is going to compete for talent, then leaders must create a workplace culture that works for all people. To do that, managers need to understand the lived experiences of their employees and guests by becoming culturally fluent. Speaking another “culture” is a skill that can be learned. 

Gerry Fernandez, President of MFHA -The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance, will illustrate how culturally responsive practices and training can increase employee engagement, improve recruiting results, and build employee retention even during a pandemic.


Bob Luz, CEO - Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Gerry Fernandez, President - The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance