February 4-5, 2024

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston, MA

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Culinary Keynote - Chef Ming Tsai

Culinary Keynote - Chef Ming Tsai


Culinary Keynote - Chef Ming Tsai

Tuesday, April 04, 2023
Center Stage

Join Chef Ming Tsai, a James Beard & Emmy Award-Winning chef, philanthropist, T.V. personality, and entrepreneur for a Center Stage Culinary Keynote Demo. He is the creator of award-winning restaurants, author of five cookbooks, and current host/executive producer of PBS-TV's Simply Ming. In 2022, Chef Tsai became Iron Chef Tsai as he joined the cast of 5 world-class chefs in the Netflix series Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. Chef Tsai is the foremost interpreter of East-West cooking. He has always been a believer that “you are what you eat” and that food is medicine. Founder of MingsBings, delicious Asian hot pockets that are good for all.

Ming Tsai, Owner/Chef/Entrepreneur