April 2-4, 2023

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston, MA

Ann Marie Escobar

Ann Marie Escobar

Brand President & COO, Legal Sea Foods Restaurant Group

Having led many great Boston hospitality brands through years of success and prosperity, Ann Marie has had a positive impact on the people behind the Legal Sea Foods brand and will continue spearheading its future growth as the latest addition to the PPX portfolio.

Ann Marie Lagrotteria Escobar brings over 35 years of restaurant industry experience and innovation to her role as Brand President and Chief Operating Officer for Legal Sea Foods. While leading strategic planning, vision, and operations for the brand, she inspires her staff to bring passion and dedication to the art of hospitality. She claims this career chose her, understanding the complexity and efficiency of teamwork, identifying strengths and areas of opportunity to maximize the team’s fullest potential. Her fairness and consistency have driven her success throughout her career, making her a leader in the male-dominated world of operations.

Escobar’s career started with Back Bay Restaurant Group as an assistant floor manager at JC Hillary's in Dedham. She was heavily influenced by industry leaders like Paul Disch, Gary Mitchell and Charley Sarkis who educated her about the industry and led her path to growth during the early days of concept development for the group. Through the brand’s expansion along the east coast, she worked on a variety of concepts including Papa-Razzi, JC Hillary’s, Joe’s American Bar & Grill, and Abe & Louie’s.

Since 2015, Escobar has been with Legal Sea Foods as Brand President, working to improve the operational efficiency of the businesses and enhancing customers' dining experience. She ensures menu and food development are of the highest quality, leads recruitment of staff and ensures adherence to food safety regulations.

Escobar was born and raised in Cohasset, MA in a large and loving Italian family, spending her childhood occupied with school and sports. In many traditional Italian families years ago, career opportunities for women were often assumed to be in caretaker and homemaker roles. Escobar originally thought that nursing would be her destiny which led her to attend Florida Atlantic University to study nursing. Her career path changed after she transferred to Northeastern University and got a job as a hostess and bartender where she realized her true passion lies in the people and pace of the hospitality industry.

When she’s not working, Escobar can be found spending time with her family, golfing, or watching football. She is very involved with her faith, and her volunteer work with the Italian Home for Children.