April 2-4, 2023

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Kari Underly

Kari Underly

Kari Underly

Founder & Author, Range® Meat Academy, The Art of Beef Cutting

Kari works with the motto that everything is possible if you're not afraid to take a few detours along the way. You can see Kari's influence in every corner of the meat world. You've seen her work in the meat case, as Kari has helped develop many new cuts for the industry (flat iron steak, petite tender, Denver cut, etc.). Range® created multiple educational meat posters displayed in shops and retail outlets around the country. Perhaps you noticed a great-looking poster or sign in a butcher shop or grocery store. You have undoubtedly seen her handiwork in catalogs and marketing materials, as Range® developed a library of beef cuts photography for the beef industry. And of course, there is her James Beard nominated book, The Art of Beef Cutting. Kari's favorite role is that of a teacher, and her latest and most satisfying project is that of Founder of Range® Meat Academy, an online butchery school, and the RMA Store. When Kari's not working in her meat lab, she speaks, consults, leads workshops, volunteers, or maybe judges a competition. If you're a fellow meat geek, you might have seen some of her writings in the meat trade journals. Kari is on the Women's Meat Industry Network Board and a member of Les Dames Escoffier. In her "downtime," Kari uses her creative energy tending to her vegetable and flower gardens. She loves getting on her tractor to work and sculpt her land.